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Online Learning Resources

Genetic and genomic education resources for health professionals, researchers and the general public. Many are free, manually curated and frequently updated.

BC Cancer Patient Education Resources

A collection of free patient education videos and online courses produced and compiled by BC Cancer to help patients learn more about their cancer and available treatment options. These resources are free to access online, and many are available to loan free in DVD format at BC Cancer Libraries. Users can access a talk on the Human Genome Project, which was part of BC Cancer’s 2013 lymphoid cancers educational forum.

BMJ Learning

BMJ Learning provides learning modules and training related to primary care and hospital medicine. Courses in genomics, including an introduction in genomics and genomic medicine in the management of cancer and infectious diseases. The learning modules are evidence-based, peer-reviewed, updated frequently and many are free.

Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops — Bioinformatics for Cancer Genomics

Users can access "Introduction to Cancer Genomics" learning module from 2018 Bioinformatics for Cancer Genomics workshop hosted by the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops and presented by Trevor Pugh from Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Also available are other learning modules from bioinformatics.ca, including "Bioinformatics for Cancer Genomics", "Introduction to R" and "Exploratory Data Analysis".

Centers for Disease Control — Genomics & Health Impact Information

A repository of genomics and health impact information compiled by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Resources include a searchable knowledge base, glossary, weekly updates and video clips on genomics, reports and publications, podcasts and videos as well as information on genomic testing.


A large, searchable online repository of free courses and pay to access courses as part of a diploma/degree. Courses on genomics and precision medicine are among the courses available on Coursera.

Cracking Cancer — a Nature of Things Documentary with David Suzuki

Top Pick! A Nature of Things documentary on BC Cancer’s Personalized Oncogenomics (POG) program, featured in the Nature of Things. Hosted by David Suzuki, the documentary follows a group of patients enrolled in BC Cancer’s highly experimental clinical trial which holds the promise of personalized cancer diagnosis and treatment. This documentary is free online within Canada.

Current Topics in Genome Analysis

A 2016 lecture series covering contemporary topics in genomics and bioinformatics. All lectures are available as a YouTube playlist. Also available are the 2017 lecture series covering genomics and health disparities.

The DNA Files — The Human Genome Project: Mapping the Future

The DNA Files links to audio-based roundtable discussions with researchers who were involved in the Human Genome Project.

Future Learn – ‘Understanding Genomics’ Free Collection of Courses

TOP PICK! Future Learn offers self-paced courses for health professionals, practitioners and the general public. "Understanding Genomics" is a collection of courses is designed to teach users about the applications and importance of genomics in diagnosis and treatment as well as healthcare research. Users can register for free in order to access the courses, and connect with other researchers and clinicians through the online platform.

Genome British Columbia

A video from Genome British Columbia that discusses the value and importance of genomics for economic development, environmental improvement and benefits for society. The website also offers a comprehensive glossary of important and commonly used genomics terms.

Genome Canada

An introduction to genomics and its role and impact in Canada by Genome Canada.

GeneEd (Genetics, Education, Discovery)

An online repository co-developed by the National Library of Medicine and the National Human Genome Research Institute. Topics include cell biology; DNA, genes and chromosomes; genetic conditions (including cancer); and top issues in genetics. Topics link to relevant articles, research, interactive tutorials and videos for further learning.

Genetics Education Center

A comprehensive online repository of genetics education resources and materials compiled by the University of Kansas Medical Center. Resources include books, videos, learning curricula/lessons, glossaries and links to programs and activities.

Genomics Education Programme

The Genomics Education Programme is an online learning portal hosted by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The website offers online courses in genomics, bioinformatics, whole genome sequencing and tumour assessment along with education and training resources (factsheets, reports, publications, videos) for clinicians and practitioners. Courses are free for certain UK-based users and pay-to-access for all other users.

Genetics Home Reference

Genetics Home Reference is consumer-friendly information compiled by the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Resources include a searchable gene database, information on chromosomes and mtDNA as well as chapters covering basic concepts and explanations in human genetics.

Genome News Network (GNN)

The Genome News Network (GNN) is an online magazine that covers contemporary issues in genomics research around the world. In addition to news and current events, GNN also offers resources for scientists, educators and the general public relating to genome education, including information about the difference between genomes, DNA, chromosomes and information about genome sequencing and genome variation.

Genomics England’s "The 100,000 Genome Project" — Understanding Genomics

Genomics England’s "The 100,000 Genome Project" offers a number of free to access infographics and videos designed to help users understand genomics. Topics include genomics in healthcare, genomics in cancer, understanding genomics, the genome and DNA, as well as the sequencing of genomes.


Hosted by Genome British Columbia, GeneSolve is an open innovation platform that encourages collaboration between academic and sector partners to propose genomics solutions that address real world/articulated sector challenges. Through GeneSolve, Genome British Columbia will award up to $250,000 CDN per project that meets the GeneSolve program criteria. Eligibility, guidelines and other information can be found on the website.

Genetics/Genomics Competency Center (G2C2)

G2C2 is a project funded and maintained by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The website offers free high quality educational resources aimed at providing health professionals and practitioners with self-directed learning in genetics and genomics. The website includes an online repository of educational materials, peer-reviewed collections, resources mapped to specific genomics competencies, as well as resources searchable by discipline/profession, genomic topics, and societies or organizations.


Healio is an in-depth clinical information website providing information and resources on a variety of health topics. The website offers a number of useful genomics resources for clinicians and oncologists including videos, tumor boards and genomics learning modules. The learning modules are self-paced and include the following topics: genomics primer, whole genome sequencing, genomic medicine in clinical practice, tumor board cases (case-based learning), pathology assessment of tumor tissue, and collaborative care.

Human Genomics in Global Health

A source of genomics information, publications and news compiled by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Human Genome Epidemiology Network (HuGENet)

Hosted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), HuGENet hosts reports and publications, blog, video and podcasts, information on genomics, diseases and genomic testing, as well as other learning resources.

Human Genome Project Archive

The Human Genome Project Archive is sponsored by Genome Programs, Office of Biological and Environmental Research, U.S. Department of Energy. The website links to research, publications and information related to the Human Genome Project.

Human Genome Resources at NCBI

A genome information and resource centre hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) of the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

Information for Genetic Professionals

Clinical, research and educational resources compiled by the University of Kansas Medical Center for genetic counselors, clinical geneticists, medical geneticists and other genetic professionals.

Inside Cancer

Inside Cancer is an online cancer learning portal hosted by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Users can read about the hallmarks of cancer, the causes and prevention of cancer, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and pathways to cancer.

Nature Collection – Cancer Genomics: From Bench to Bedside

A comprehensive collection of articles from Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology and Nature Reviews Cancer. The collection covers all topics, bench-to-bedside, relating to cancer genomics. Articles and review papers can be accessed free by researchers, clinicians and members of the general public.

National Health Service (NHS) England – Genomics Resources

Genomics education resources compiled by National Health Service (NHS). Resources include published documents, news, blogs and interviews, videos as well as links to other learning materials.

National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI)

The National Human Genome Research Institute compiles online genetics education resources for a wide range of audiences.

Omics Gateway

Omics Gateway is an online repository of papers, reports and articles compiled by Nature Research. Although no longer kept current as of 2011, Omics Gateway synthesizes a rich body of literature on proteomics and cancer genomics for the scientific and research community.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)

The Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) is an online collection of human genes and genetic phenotypes. OMIM is authored and updated daily by the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, John Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Scitable is an online genetics and cell biology resource centre for educators and students. The platform is hosted by the Nature Publishing Group (home of Nature) and allows users to customize eBooks, create online classrooms, share content and connect with peer networks.

Stanford @ The Tech (Genetics and Genomics)

The Tech Museum of Innovation is hosted by the Department of Genetics, Stanford University. The website offers consumer-friendly information and news about genetics, online exhibitions, free online videos, and allows users to have questions answered by a geneticist online. The website also offers free online courses and certificate training in genetics which users can pay for.

The Hunt for Missing Heritability: Challenges and Opportunities for Novel Locus Discovery in Non-European Populations

A webinar examining population-specific variants including how these variants integrate with the genetics of complex disease and lead to the discovery of novel disease genes. The webinar is hosted by the Science/AAAS Custom Publishing Office.

Tokyo Medical University Genetics Study Group

The Genetics Study Group, Department of Pediatrics, Tokyo Medical University developed a website with animations and power point slides to help users understand chromosomes and chromosome abnormalities.

University of British Columbia’s Genomic Entrepreneurship

UBC’s Genomic Entreneurship website links to a series of You-Tube style educational videos on genomics and genetics. Videos are organized into three categories of learning: basics, genetics and social science, and techniques in genomics. The website also offers a presentation download from the Genomics 101 'Crash Course`. This course describes basic terminology and the fundamentals of genomics for audiences without education or training in molecular biology.

Virtual Genetics Education Centre

The Virtual Genetics Education Centre is a website hosted by the University of Leicester. The website has genetics information available for audiences ranging from high school and university students to health professionals and the general public. The Virtual Genetics Education Centre has searchable topics and a variety of resources for health professionals. The website also has basic genetics information and a podcast series related to cancer genetics.